Your Guide To Amazing Beer Can Chicken On The Grill


Broiled, bronze-skin with outside, and the interior ideally moist, permeated with with the scent of the beer and spices put - here the brick-rule on the chicken which one cannot not succeed. Necessary are: the handsome chicken, the box of the beer, the favourite mixture of spices put and the grill with the cover. Just and a little patiences. Make sure you have the best gas grill you can afford.  It makes a huge difference in the quality of the meats you cook on it.

Hundreds times I made the chicken on the box of the beer and the result was always  superb - speaks our favourite 'professor of the grill' Steven Raichlen which brought out this rule stateside two or three years ago. Our experiences this confirm: the brilliantly simple method and the astounding effect. Really excellent!


4 portions

* 1 pcs - the chicken, all, best of country, disembowelled, approx. 1,5 kgs
* 3 spoons - the spice to the chicken */
* 1 box - the beer, 0.33 l or 0.5 l
* more beers in the any wrapping
*  the aromatic (the alder, the apple-tree)wood , smithereens, soaked of 30 looks.

The indispensable grill with the lid

The preparation - 20 minutes
roasts on the grill - approx. 1,5 hours
(the method barbecue -  the indirect )fire

   1. To cut off the excess of the fat. To rinse the chicken under the cold running water, exactly to dry. 1 spoon of the spice to use to the exact attack of the bird inside. With the second spoon of the spice to rub the skin from outside. One can also half spoons of the spice rub in among the skin and the meat. To put aside to the cool place in time heatings of the grill.

2. To open the beer, to pour off 1/3 contents, in the head of the box down to make several additional apertures; to the beer to pour the tea-spoon of the spice (the attention: because the spice contains the salt, the beer one can foam).

3. To prepare the grill for the indirect baking: the carbon separated as under, in the middle the aluminium-tray with the water. Blowing embers should not be too strong.

4. To the tray with the water on the gout of the grill to pour some more a little beers - it is, what we poured off from the box, and at least still half next.

5. Close by carbons to put the little parcel with soaked pieces of wood aromatic, revolute into the aluminium foil, with little holes.

6. Holding the chicken vertically, to fix him on the box of the beer, so so that come into being "the three-footed table".
7. To found the grill. The chicken to place over the tray with the liquid; carefully to close the lid attending, so that "the three-footed table" do not fall over.

8. To bake stove, avoiding lookings mediad. After the hour to check the juncture. To be perhaps it is necessary will add several recent briquettes or pieces of the carbon for holding up of Blowing embers. To pour the chicken with several spoons of the beer. Carefully to close the lid. To bake stove by next half-hour.

9. After baking belongs very carefully to take off the chicken grilled and to take out the box from his interior - the metal will be very hot and can contain remainders of the boiling beer! (Equally hot will be confused with the fat the water on the gout of the grill. The dry-cleaning of the grill better to leave on the morrow.) Before the division of the meat on portions well she is to cover it the foil and to wait 5-10 minutes.    

*/ In this rule one can use no matter which dry mixture of spices put suitable to the chicken - own or ready from the shop.

For amateurs of experiments we quote two regulations:

The spice "Memphis"
(quoted by S.R. as the American standard to barbecue; she fits and to the poultry, and to spareribs)

-1/4 glasses - the paprika
- 1 spoon - brown sugar
- 1 spoon - the granulated sugar
- 2 tea-spoons - the salt
- 1 tea-spoon -  the celery salt
- 1 tea-spoon - the black pepper, thick milled
- 1 tea-spoon - the chili pepper or the cayenne
- 1 tea-spoon - the mustard all over the place
- 1 tea-spoon - the powdered garlic
- 1 tea-spoon - the powdered onion

 "The Montreal "spice"

- 2 spoons - the powdered dried garlic
- 1 spoon - the dried parsley
- 1 spoon - sperms of the coriander
- 1 spoon - the dried dill
- 2 spoons -  the coarse-grained (eg. of sea)salt
- 1 spoon - the paprika
- 1 spoon - the chili pepper or the cayenne
- 1 spoon - the black pepper, thick milled